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Creating images with creative design as per requirement becomes long and complex process when it comes to us. For unique design we need to find out stock free images and relevent content for which we go through numerous number of sites. It becomes difficult to manage the whole process and honestly speaking sometimes it becomes irritating.

Thus to short out this complex issue, Stencil comes with in-built features that provides friendly environment to create images easily in very short time. 

Stencil-graphic design tool

Stencil is a userfriendly interface online graphic design tool and image editor built for business owners, social media marketers, and bloggers. With Stencil you can create visual content faster than ever before. 

Now, let’s discuss about the features on how you can create images faster.

Stencil Features : 

1. Stock Images : 

Stencil’s provides you with 2,300,000+ photos that allows you to creat images faster than you’ve ever imagined. Stencil had partnered with the best image providers in the industry to bring millions of royalty-free images.The old way of doing it was to go to another site, download an image, manually upload it, and then load it into your canvas. But since all the photos are built right into Stencil, millions of images are just a click away.

All of the photos and icons in Stencil are royalty-free and safe to use! They are sourced from trusted providers and can be used personally or commercially, with no attribution required. Some examples include social media graphics, blog/website images, ads, posters, t-shirts, eBooks…or practically anything. 

2. Templates : 

Stencil provides you with 1,125+ built-in templates which make it easier to get off to a quick start. Using a template helps you get past that “blank slate” feeling, where you’re not really sure where to begin. Looking to whip together a Valentine’s Day promo graphic? Or maybe an Instagram post to go along with it? We got you’ve covered with a giant selection of template categories.

All templates can be used for personal or commercial purposes and all of them include photos, icons and fonts that are also completely safe to use however you’d like. No attribution required either!

Types of Templates

Stencil templates
3. Logos : 

Stencil provides you 1000+ icons which you can  upload as many as you’d like and toggle them on/off at any time. Stencil remembers the last position of a logo/watermark, so it’s as simple as just turning it on. For example, if you always want your logo to appear in the top left of an image, Stencil will remember that and always position the image in that exact spot, regardless of the canvas size!


Stencil provides over 100,000+ quotes in-built. So you need not go anywhere in search of quotes. Just click on the quote and it’ll load right into your canvas, along with the attribution. Think of how fast you can create a quote image if you don’t need to go looking for quotes elsewhere.

Types of Quotes
stencil quotes
5. Google Fonts : 

Stencil provides built-in google fonts which are completely safe to use in any of your images. But if you’re looking for a font that’s not already available in Stencil, you can import any of the 3,100+ Google Fonts. Find the perfect font for your image by using the best free fonts available from Google!

google fonts
6. Upload your own font : 

If you need to use a font that’s not part of Google Fonts, the no worries Stencil provides with a facility to upload the fonts that you want to use in your images.Stencil is fully compatible with the most popular font file types, including TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.


7. Icons and Graphics : 

Stencil has over 2,100,000+ icons & graphics built in, making it one of the fastest ways to enhance your images. The majority of icons in Stencil come from The Noun Project and Icons8. Stencil has set up a special licensing so that you can use these icons however you want — for personal or commercial use, with no attribution required!

In addition Stencil also provides over 35,000+ premium icons supplied by ThoseIcons, RoundIcons and many other top icon designers which are completely safe to use however you’d like for personal or commercial purposes.

icons and graphics
8. Browser Extension : 

Stencil comes with various browser (chrome, firefox, safari etc.) extension support so that you can create images as you browse the web or from a new tab.

stencil browser extension
9. Facebook Ad Grid :

For creating ads on Facbook, there are number of rules that you need to follow. One of the big one is the restriction on how much text you can use in your ads. Facebook prefers that ad images have very little text on them. To make sure your ads get their full reach, they must have less than 20% text. With Stencil, it’s as easy as turning on the Facebook Ad Grid and you can immediately check if your image has less than 20% text. Once it’s enabled, a grid will appear. As long as text doesn’t appear in 5 or more boxes in the grid, you’ll know your image is safe to use for a Facebook ad.

10. Instagram SMS share : 

Stencil lets you SMS (Short Message Service or text message) your image from your desktop to your mobile device, so you can quickly share it via the Instagram app.

11. Social Media Sharing : 

In the past days, sharing to a social media account from a design application was to post to your account or page, logging into that social network, and then finally checking if the image looks OK. 

Stencil provides the facilty to preview and share your image directly to your favorite social media account without ever leaving the page. Simply connect your social accounts and you can share in seconds.

12. Live Preview : 

Stencil provides with a facility to live preview of your post before sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest so that you can see how your image will look on mobile and desktop. You can also add a description right from Stencil and that will update in the preview as well. This way, there’ll be no surprises and you can expect your image to look great wherever you share it.

13. Links : 

With Stencil you can quickly share an image with links. 

Stencil bitly links
14. WordPress Plugin :

With Stencil WordPress Plugin you can add image to your article without leaving the wordpress site. Once the Stencil WordPress Plugin is installed, you’ll have a new “Stencil” tab appear beside the “Media Library” tab where you can use Stencil right inside of WordPress.

Stencil Pricing : 

Stencil offers very decent and affordable prices for beginners as well as for professionals. Stencil prices range from $9/month to $20/ month. I recommend you go through current prices as it may vary. 

Concluding Remark : 

There are plenty of graphic tools available online, but I haven,t seen any that make entire process smooth and quick as Stencil. It is surprisingly easier and amazing and it’s packed with some really cool features.

After going through all features, Stencil comes out to be all-in-one design tool which provides you all components at one place used for creating image. Due to these advanced features, it makes easier to create graphic image in a very short time. 

If you’re planning to create graphic image in the near future, you owe it to yourself — and your sanity — to pick this up (it’s free) and take the experience of creating images faster and double your social engagements. 

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