Necessary Plugins for a Beginner on WordPress Site

WordPress is very popular CMS (Content Management System) used by bloggers and digital marketers. It is a free and user friendly software.  

WordPress has thousands of templates and plugins that power a flexible and simple interface which reduces deployment cost and time.

As a beginner we should know why to consider using wordpress?

Let’s look at some features why WordPress is so popular and why to use it for your site hosting?

Most popular CMS in the World

WordPress is used by millions of bloggers around the globe. It holds the largest CMS market and around quarter of all websites uses WordPress. As a result many users are already familiar with WordPress, thereby requiring less staff training for building site.


Open Source CMS

WordPress is a free software, so there is no cost for downloading, installing and upgrading. There are thousands of free plugins available to boost your site performance.


WordPress is a user friendly interface that allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications.

Just for Developers? Not any more..

Before the WordPress became popular CMS for website development, it was developed for non-tech bloggers. Most of the components are easy to use and there are books and videos available for guidance on how to build website with wordpress.

Low Maintenance Cost

In comparison to other open source CMS like Drupal and Joomla, WordPress requires very low maintenance. Additionally, it is easier to find assistance or guidance regarding development and customization of website.

What are the necessary plugins you require for a WordPress site as a Beginner?

There are lots of plugins available online but using the right plugin on your site is important because installing unnecessary plugins reduces the performance and it directly affects on ranking in search engines.

So, as a beginner the necessary plugins required are listed below :

Cache Plugin

Cache plugin makes your website lighter to perform better by generating static HTML pages and saving it on your server. Whenever a user tries to access your site, cache plugin serves up the lighter HTML pages instead of processing heavier PHP scripts.

There are lots of plugins available that you can use for your website.

Which one to use free or premium?

If you can afford, then it is recommended to go for premium plugins like WP Rocket but if you can’t then no problem there are very good plugins available free, and the best among them are Light Speed Cache and W3 Total Cache plugins.


iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Security plugin protects your website and wordpress panel from security breach like hacking or malware attacks. This is a free plugin with basic features which is quite sufficient for a beginner. You can upgrade in near future if required.

ithemes security

Page Builder

Page Builder is a plugin used for designing your individual website’s page to give it a stunning view.  

Elementor is one of the best premium page builder plugin which is available free with basic features.

If you want to go for free full featured plugin, then it is recommended to use Gutentor plugin.

You can install both plugins on your site and use it as you like.

page builder

SEO plugin

SEO plugin helps in ranking your website on search engines. The main function of SEO plugin is performing on-page seo checks, by expanding the scope of the source software with special tasks and functions which affect SEO, web analysis, online marketing, and other aspects. 

Yoast SEO and Rank Math are the two best free SEO plugins you can use for your website.


Sassy Social Share Plugin

You can use this plugin to provide social share buttons in posts. By doing this you make easier for a user to share your content on social media.

Sassy Social Share

One Signal Push Notification Plugin

This plugin is used to engage your visitors by providing subscribe button integration. Whenever a new post is posted, a notification is sent to subscriber. By this way you can keep your customers engaged and increase more visitors.

push notification

Site kit by Google Plugin

If you like to integrate google services like Adsense, Analytics, Page Speed and many more, then you should use this plugin. With just few clicks you can setup all google services into your site. This is a free and user friendly plugin.

site kit by google

Table Plugin

This plugin is used for inserting stunning tables into your website for displaying lists, comparisons and many more. 

You can use Tablepress or WP Table Builder plugin.

Table plugin

WooCommerce (optional)

Woocommerce is specifically be used for ecommerce sites. If you are planning to expand your site to ecommerce store than go for it.


Final Words

Since WordPress is a open source CMS, the source code is available to all and anyone can modify it and create their own functionality. 

So, as a beginner you should have a minimum set of plugins installed on your website so that you can keep it strong in terms security, performance and growth. 

In this article we tried to give you the list of some basic set of plugins that you shall install as a beginner and keep your site healthy.

We hope you find this article informative and useful. 

What did you like most, do mention in comment box below.

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